Jasobant Narayan Singhlal, Founder & Managing Director of Identity Behavior & Career Counseling Center (IDENTITY GROUP) Who is a Corporate Trainer, a Master Trainer (Campus to Corporate), a Motivational Speaker, and also an established Career Counsellor, and Parenting Guide, is spearheading Training and Counselling under the umbrella of IDENTITY GROUP in Bhubaneswar since June 2012. His two folded vision is to empower and guide the youth towards a bright career and to empower and produce quality and impactful educators in the state of odisha.


93% students aged 14 to 21 are aware of just seven Career options, though there are 250+ different types of job options available in India. Nearly 40% students from class 9, 10, and 11 are clueless about their career options. Hence, it is inevitable to select your career by giving it the highest importance in life


To provide all the students with necessary information related to diverse career options, entrance exams, Institutions, scholarships, admission process.


To ensure that all the students can select the right career option for themselves based on their Aptitude, Personality, & Interest

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Jasobant Narayan Singhlal

Founder &MD

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Head Learning & Development

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Surya Das Mohapatra

Exp. - 25 Years

Dhananjay Banthia

Exp. - 14 Years

Santosh Patnaik

Santosh Patnaik

Exp. - 17 Years


Amit Tripathy

Exp. - 20 Years

Arvind Das

Exp. - 8 Years

Raja Singh

Exp. - 15 Years

IB Mohapatra

IB Mohapatra

Exp. - 20 Years

Manish Goenka

Exp. - 14 Years

Paresh Mohanty

Paresh Mohanty

Exp. - 20 Years




We handhold and mentor students to select the right and appropriate career for themselves.
Our Process is very structured which starts with Psychometric career assessment test, One to one counseling with the student, PCS meeting, to career option finalization
Every student who opts for a career counselling process, appears a Psychometric Career Assessment test where his Aptitude, Personality, and Interests are assessed.
These questions are framed by experienced psychologists based on Vocational Psychology Concepts. The accuracy ratio stands at 70 to 80%. It’s just a diagnostic test to understand the student.
In the world of competition and overloaded information, a child a confused from multiple angles for taking a right career decision. And, 2nd mistake in the career of a student may lead to career disruption. Hence, a professional consultation for your career is recommended.
For 1 year once your registered. However, you can renew it after a year.
Yes of course, throughout your career journey.
We do not charge for any Career Counseling support in future.
Yes, we provide career counselling support to all who seek career guidance starting from school students, to Graduates to Professionals.
Yes. In the form of career Counseling cell which is active throughout the year.