Career Psychometric tests are practiced to objectively measure a student’s personality traits, aptitude/abilities, intelligence, learning orientation, and behavioral style. Psychometric assessments are scientifically-driven approach and are   widely used in for guiding the students for making right career choices in their lives. This in turn helps them in landing at their desired occupation or profession. 

Career Psychometric Assessments at Career Map, will assess  a student on three major areas : Aptitude, Personality, & Interest which is based on the Holland model and Five Factor model. Assessment on these areas helps us know the student better before he/she meets face to face for the counseling to decide his career options. 

Career Psychometric Test

This section will help the counselors in understanding the potential skills and abilities of the student. It will further help to identify the skill areas which  he/she can develop, in order  to be proficient in the chosen Career path. The following 5 areas are assessed under Aptitude : 






This section explains the student’s personal traits and characteristics. Personal attributes are reliable indicators while choosing the right career path. Understanding your personal attributes and aligning them to career choices helps you in understanding what is important to you as an individual and the work environments that you are likely to enjoy. 

 The following Personality Orientations are assessed under Personality Profile   :

Learning Orientation 

Interpersonal Orientation 

Emotional Orientation 

Attitudinal Orientation 

Conscientiousness Orientation

This section scans the Interest patterns. Getting acquainted with the interests will help in determining the work areas that you are likely to enjoy. It’s crucial to align the career choices with interests for high job satisfaction, higher self-motivation, and improved productivity. 

The Interest section is assessed on the Holland Model : 

R – Realistic 

I – Investigative 

A – Artistic 

S – Social 

E – Enterprising 

C – Conventional

The Report highlights the overall fitment to broader career fields, in terms of Aptitude, Personality, and Interest of the student. This facilitates the comparison of the findings. With respect to the career clusters determined to be the most appropriate for you. This report makes the task of the counselor easy while meeting face to face with the counselee to decide his appropriate Career Options.